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Welcome to the DontStopLearning WebSite on Learning Simple Chinese!!

The following are web pages where you can learn and practice Simple Chinese (based on the Mandarin dialect or also called Pu Tong Hua) in the Simplified Character Form and PIN YIN form.

Have FUN!! And unlock your potentials. Learn to talk to a quarter of the world`s population.

The only prerequisite is to learn the FOUR MAIN TONES used in sounding the words.


Below are websites where you can learn interactively through the use of flashcard and drag drop matching methods.



Numbers 1 to 10 FlashCard

Numbers 1 to 10 Matching


Numbers 10 to 20 FlashCard

Numbers 10 to 20 Matching


Numbers 10,100,1000 etc FlashCard

Numbers 10,100,1000 etc Matching


Human Body

Parts of Body FlashCard

Parts of Body Matching


Organ Parts of Body FlashCard

Organ Parts of Body Matching



I You He She …FlashCard

I You He She … Matching


Immediate Family Members FlashCard

Immediate Family Members Matching



Household Items

Household Gadgets FlashCard

Household Gadgets Matching


Household Furniture 1 FlashCard

Household Furniture 1 Matching


Kitchen Utilities FlashCard

Kitchen Utilities Matching



Courtesy Words FlashCard

Courtesy Words Matching



Animals FlashCard

Animals Matching


Animals Domesticated FlashCard

Animals Domesticated Matching



Geographical Features FlashCard

Geographical Features Matching


City Landmarks FlashCard

City Landmarks Matching



Science Words Basic FlashCard

Science Words Basic Matching



More to Come!!







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