KS3 Y8 Transferring Heat Energy

Gap-fill exercise.


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   Conduction      conductor      conductors      Convection      convection current      cooler      Darker      does not require      emit      empty space      expand      faster      flow through      fluids      gains more      good heat conductor      good heat insulator      heat      heated      infra      infra-red      infra-red radiation      insulator      less dense      Less dense fluid      light waves      lighter      liquids and gases      more dense      move around      particle      particle theory of matter      poor      Radiation      similar      solids      three      vacuum      vibrate      vibration   
There are main ways of transferring heat energy.

is one way. In this case energy travels through . These solids are called because they allow heat energy to . Some materials are better heat conductors than others. A heat is called a heat .

The base of a frying pan is usually made up of a . The handle of the frying pan will be a . Otherwise it will be too hot to hold on to.

According to the , the particles in a solid material faster and faster when it heat energy. It gains more heat energy when it is . This is passed on from one to the next and that is how heat energy travels.

is another method of transferring heat energy. This is how heat travels in . In liquids and gases the particles can . When heated the particles can move around .

Liquids and gases are called .

At the place where heat energy is given to the fluid, the particles move about . This makes the fluid there and when that happens the fluid gets . will then rise up and allow and fluid to move in. If more heat energy is supplied at the same location then the freshly arrived fluid will get heated. The cycle repeats and what we will end up with is a .

is another way of transferring heat energy. This is when heat is transferred through . Take for instance the distance between earth and sun is an . Yet we receive this heat energy. This heat energy is also called .

Infra-red radiation is like that any medium to travel through.

Because it is like light waves it has properties too.

Hot objects are said to or give out radiation (heat energy). When this radiation hits an object or a surface then this heat energy is absorbed.

objects are better at absorbing this -red radiation then coloured ones.